Membership Information

Requirements of Membership

  • Own an Airstream Recreational Vehicle
  • Join the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI)
  • Pay Membership Dues to WBCCI

Benefits of Membership

Members are welcomed into a group of like-minded RVers who share the common fascination and appreciation of Airstreams … as well as the lore that comes with this head-turning American icon. But more importantly is the human factor — members from diverse walks of life coming together not only to celebrate Airstreaming but to catch up with old friends and make new ones. It’s camaraderie wrapped in the shiny atmosphere of Airstreams. That’s where the real benefits of membership lie. In addition to the local benefits, WBCCI — aka the Wally Byam Airstream Club (WBAC) and most popularly, Airstream Club International (ACI) — provides the following benefits:

  • Ten issues of the Blue Beret – the official publication of the Airstream Club International (WBCCI)
  • Volunteer-led caravans
  • Regional and Internation Rallies and ACI-Sponsored Special Events with reduced parking fees
  • Courtesy Parking - Free Overnight Parking provided by fellow members across the country
    • Member Intraclubs to share specialized interests, lifestyles and avocations
    • Youth Activities for children and grandchildren
    • Special discounts for club members - see the benefits page on the ACI Website

Dues Struture

  • Full Members: $75 International Dues + $10 4CU Unit Dues = $85 (affiliate dues for clubs one wishes to join are added to this)
  • Affiliate Members: $10 (one must be a member of the Aistream club International to join as an Affiliate)

Four Corners Unit Custom Name Badges

  • New Full Members of the Four Cornres Unit automatically receive a custom, WBCCI-Approved 4CU name badge. There is no need to make a request or submit additional payment for it.
  • Affiliates may click the buton below to order an optional Affiliate Badge
  • Current Full Members and Affiliates may click the button below to order an additional or replacement a name badge
  • All Full Member Replacement Badges and Affiliate Badges are $5.00 each. Postage is included - Request 4CU Custom Badge(s)


Please contact Scott Verhines, 4CU Membership Chairman via email at: