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As you know, rallies are the lifeblood of the 4CU and while we have great rally lineups, we must continue to strive to keep them interesting, relevant and compelling … offering 4CU members the best value possible for their membership bucks.

To that end,we continue to look for ways to improve our rallies, and one way is to get your direct input about rallies — what interests you, what doesn’t interest you, what makes you eager to sign up for a rally, what makes you opt out, what makes a good rally, etc.

Below is a link to a new tool in our rally toolbox: a Rally Survey. It is based on the suggestions from a few dedicated members after they put their heads together to discuss rallies. (Thank you!) From there it was further refined by Unit leadership to a simple, automated one-page questionnaire giving you the opportunity to make your thoughts known.

You will note that we have asked for you name and 4CU membership status as you begin the survey. This is simply so we have a way to contact you about your ideas if we need to follow up. When survey trends are eventually shared with the membership, names will not be associated with responses. So don't be shy!

The survey is available from our 4CU Website Rally Page, of course. It will also be posted to the 4CU Forums under the “Rallies” section. We may make changes and additions to the Survey periodically, so stay tuned! You may take the survey more than once in the future as you experience more rallies or have more ideas to share. This is an easy and quick way to make sure your thoughts about rallies are being heard and taken into consideration as future rallies are planned.

Thanks for your participation in the Survey … the more members we have completing the Survey, the better the information we collect will be. So please take a few minutes and submit your thoughts.

Oh! In the survey format, if the response choices are "circles" you can select only one. If they responses are "squares" you can select all that apply. Selecting "Other" gives you the option to make comments.

Thanks! And we hope to see you around a 4CU campfire soon!
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Click here to go to the Rally Survey!